And so it begins.

So one day I started collecting corks and empty wine bottles.  Why?  I didn’t know at the time.  Fast forward a few years later and lots of moves with the zillion of wine bottles and corks collected I finally find things to do with them.  My go to site is Pinterest.  I have found a plethora of crafts using wine bottles and/or corks.  Something I found that I liked very much and had everything on hand was a key chain.Image

And there you have it.  I used beads and links and charms, lots of glue since the cork had a corkscrew sized hole running most it’s length. That one pictured was my very first one I made.  I picked out the nicest corks, most have designs on them or the winemaker’s name or label name.  I made 3 of these and hung them on my memo board to admire.  Then one day I come across a post on Facebook by a local business.  

Canvas Uncorked newly opened and was searching for items to sell in the shop.  I quickly met the owner (she’s fabulous, by the way) and I added 10 key chains to her inventory.  If you’re ever in Parker, CO please visit the shop and say hi to Josie the dog for me.

So now I started something that I never dreamed to do.  I actually have something for sell in a shop, and selling!  What I did next is make a business card and set up an Etsy shop to help with more sales.  Image

And of course I started a Facebook page.  And here I am blogging about it all!  Next time I will write about my next adventure in craft and the mystery of vinyl cutting!  Thanks for reading me!


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