Cork board tray

I finally had a break and got back into creating something.

I came into about 500 corks from generous wine drinkers so I’m able to continue creating fun things.  This time I made a cork board out of a wooden tray.  The trays I found at a garage sell for a $1 each.  At the time I didn’t know what I’d do with them but I knew to get them at that bargain price.  This is how I’m inspired to create something.

photo (7)

I started by staining the tray.  I like the look of a black tray with the browns of the corks.  At first I used a stain….


Didn’t like the look, it was too light for this project.  I stopped into Michael’s and picked up a bottle of glossy black paint.

photo (6)

One coat with enough since I had already stained the tray.  Once it was dry I laid out the corks inside the tray.

photo (2)

It took me an hour to decide how to layout the corks.  I googled designs as well but you really have to play around and see what fits right.  I didn’t want to cut any corks mostly out of laziness.  I made this cork board decor for a friend so I needed some sort of design to  personalize it.  This is when my Silhouette machine comes in handy for a quick vinyl letter sticker.

photo (3)

Once I placed the letter where I want it I started to hot glue the corks in.   That was a process!  Corks are not all the same size; different lengths and widths.  Once I figured it out I glued each one down.  And here’s the final product….

photo (4)

My cat, Summer, insisted he be in my photo.  That darn cat!

photo (5)

 What do you think?  I liked how it turned out very much.  Now I just need to add a wall hanger.  I think my friend will like it…..



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