Candle & Cork Centerpiece


So I had a nice hurricane glass centerpiece that was kind of boring with just small black stones and a candle.  I was inspired while browsing Pinterest to create something more “wow!” with this centerpiece.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for a candlestick to fit inside the hurricane glass centerpiece.  I found this 7 inch clear bubble glass candle holder…link here. I don’t have a link to the centerpiece because I found it on a virtual garage sale site for $5.  What a bargain!  The candle is Summer Berry and you can find it here.


I inserted the candlestick and realized that the base is smaller than the bottom of my centerpiece.  To raise it I used the small stones I already had to make it fit better.


Now the fun part….adding the corks.  We like wine so I always have an abundance of corks. As I added the corks I shook the centerpiece gently so the corks level and settle inside it.


And viola!




Thanks for visiting!

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Counting down to Halloween!

If you’re like my family, we love Halloween and can’t wait for the spooky night!  Here’s a quick and cute little countdown plaque.


Michaels sells this cute chalkboard pumpkin that begs to be decorated.  It sells for $3.99 but don’t forget your 40% off coupon 😉

I used my Silhouette portrait machine and program to create the countdown wording.


Isn’t it so cute?  Set it up near your door and let the countdown begin!


As always please share your creations and post pictures on my Facebook page.  If you’d like the files for this project please comment.  This is a Silhouette studio file, opens with your studio program.

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Mini cork board

Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long time.  I only post when I create something new and sadly I haven’t created in a very long time.  Anyways, I was inspired while browsing Pinterest, that awful time wasting site, lol.

I found a very cute and simple cork board and beings I have tons of corks it was a no-brainer.


I took a strip of scrap wood, measured out the corks and cut it to length.  In this case I measured it at about 18 inches long.  I painted the wood strip black using craft paint.


I glued each cork to the strip.  I was careful not to place duplicates together and to show the best part of each cork.  I also alternated the stain of the cork so two were not together.


Once it was all dry I added a raffia ribbon bow and a small triangle hanging hook on the back.  How cute is that?


And it took all of 10 mins from start to finish.  Thanks, Pinterest!

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Cork board tray

I finally had a break and got back into creating something.

I came into about 500 corks from generous wine drinkers so I’m able to continue creating fun things.  This time I made a cork board out of a wooden tray.  The trays I found at a garage sell for a $1 each.  At the time I didn’t know what I’d do with them but I knew to get them at that bargain price.  This is how I’m inspired to create something.

photo (7)

I started by staining the tray.  I like the look of a black tray with the browns of the corks.  At first I used a stain….


Didn’t like the look, it was too light for this project.  I stopped into Michael’s and picked up a bottle of glossy black paint.

photo (6)

One coat with enough since I had already stained the tray.  Once it was dry I laid out the corks inside the tray.

photo (2)

It took me an hour to decide how to layout the corks.  I googled designs as well but you really have to play around and see what fits right.  I didn’t want to cut any corks mostly out of laziness.  I made this cork board decor for a friend so I needed some sort of design to  personalize it.  This is when my Silhouette machine comes in handy for a quick vinyl letter sticker.

photo (3)

Once I placed the letter where I want it I started to hot glue the corks in.   That was a process!  Corks are not all the same size; different lengths and widths.  Once I figured it out I glued each one down.  And here’s the final product….

photo (4)

My cat, Summer, insisted he be in my photo.  That darn cat!

photo (5)

 What do you think?  I liked how it turned out very much.  Now I just need to add a wall hanger.  I think my friend will like it…..


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Warrior Cats Theme Party

How to decorate for a Warrior Cats Theme Party.

My daughter wanted a Warrior Cats theme for her 10th birthday party.  Luckily I was ready with my Silhouette machine and a quick search on the internet.

If you don’t know, Warrior Cats is a book series about cat clans and their adventures.  Ella-Bella is totally addicted to this series.  She constantly shares something new about her favorite clan or cat.  If you haven’t heard about it before, here’s the link.

I googled her favorite cat and clan to get some ideas for the decoration and table setting.  Her favorite at the time was Leafpool and she’s in the Thunderclan.  The clan lives in a forest setting.





I used clean cat food cans with a cupcake liner insert for food bowls.  The goodie bags were given at the beginning, it had a Warrior Cat name tag for each guest. I made the cat ears with headbands and felt.  If the guest wanted to I drew a cat nose and whiskers on their face with eyeliner.   The banners were made out of card stock.  I downloaded each clan symbol and used my Silhouette machine to cut it out.  With the left over paper I made a banner with her name and the number 10.  I also made signs which I framed; Moonpool Water, Fresh Kill Table and Offerings Table.  The cake was decorated by the baker at my local Target.  We came up with the design and I found cat figures to add to it.

The party was a hit!


I still have all the files for the cutouts so if you need it for your party just contact me! The files are .studio files to use with your Silhouette machine 🙂

Thanks for reading ~meow

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A plethora of corks


What does one do with so many corks collected? I’d like to say much of it was collected throughout the years but let’s be realistic,  it was probably within a few months.  

So late one night, drinking some read wine, I was perusing the inter-webs and found a fabulous way to store my corks.  I immediately unpacked my Silhouette Portrait and stared at the machine and it’s accompanying program.  I had no idea how to use it.  Thank the old gods and the new for youtube and the amazing crafters that upload tutorials! 

After much trials and errors I have mastered figured out how to make a vinyl sticker.  Here’s my first attempt! 


The shadow box-type frame was purchased at Michaels.  The font is one very similar to the one used in the original British poster “keep calm and carry on”.  I opted lower case for the “and” just to be different.  And the wine glass is custom made.  

If you like to purchase the sticker, which measures about 4 inches across and 10 inches high, please contact me.  

Keep calm and ….. ya know…



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And so it begins.

So one day I started collecting corks and empty wine bottles.  Why?  I didn’t know at the time.  Fast forward a few years later and lots of moves with the zillion of wine bottles and corks collected I finally find things to do with them.  My go to site is Pinterest.  I have found a plethora of crafts using wine bottles and/or corks.  Something I found that I liked very much and had everything on hand was a key chain.Image

And there you have it.  I used beads and links and charms, lots of glue since the cork had a corkscrew sized hole running most it’s length. That one pictured was my very first one I made.  I picked out the nicest corks, most have designs on them or the winemaker’s name or label name.  I made 3 of these and hung them on my memo board to admire.  Then one day I come across a post on Facebook by a local business.  

Canvas Uncorked newly opened and was searching for items to sell in the shop.  I quickly met the owner (she’s fabulous, by the way) and I added 10 key chains to her inventory.  If you’re ever in Parker, CO please visit the shop and say hi to Josie the dog for me.

So now I started something that I never dreamed to do.  I actually have something for sell in a shop, and selling!  What I did next is make a business card and set up an Etsy shop to help with more sales.  Image

And of course I started a Facebook page.  And here I am blogging about it all!  Next time I will write about my next adventure in craft and the mystery of vinyl cutting!  Thanks for reading me!

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